Desire to get out of your head and into your body to FEEL so that you can HEAL

Have you ever....

  • Had no cluewhat your yoga teacher meant when she said breathe into your liver, hips or root chakra?
  • Gotten so stuck in trying to follow along with breath exercises or meditations that you get so overwhlemed and just skip it all together?
  • Been intrigued by the chakras but have no clue what the hell they are or what they do?
  • Just wanted things to be simple and easy!

When you open up your Chakras you will:

  • connect more with your body and feelings
  • release tension in that area of your body
  • achieve a more calm meditative state
  • stop over thinking and be present in your body
  • feel energized and vibrant with clear thoughts
  • get things flowing again in your body and your mind 
  • let life be EASY and decrease stress

Open your Chakras in a way that's simple and easy to do daily in minutes