Do you want to meditate but need some help?

  • Do you have racing thoughts or feel overwhelmed? 
  • Do you want to learn how to slow down, listen to your body and quiet the monkey mind?
  • Do you want some variety in a meditation but don't have a clue where to do or what you like? 
  • Do you want meditations that are short, simple but powerful?
  • Are you ready to tune in and step into JOY in your life each and everyday?

Guess what you can MEDITATE and experience JOY everyday! 

First off meditation does not have to always be sitting cross legged on the floor with your eyes closed and chanting for 20-30minutes. You can meditate anywhere and you can meditate in less than 10 minutes. Honestly, I just want you to have the time to do it.....meditation that is (get your mind out of the gutter). 

Aside from the myriad of health benefits that meditation brings, it is one of the best ways to tune into your body. I believe that the goal of meditation is not being absent of thought (I mean we aren't Buddha guys...well not yet at least). Meditation is about being present with your thoughts and getting in tune with your body. You get to be the gentle observer of your thoughts. It's actually kinda fun when you think about it that way. Meditation is a time to say hmmmm what's going on in that brain of mine today. 

Meditation can be fun and that's why I have created the Step into Joy meditation series. It's all about using meditation to help you create a life fueled by JOY. 

Guess what the more you say YES to tuning in, listening and to JOY, the more often you will be living the live you dream for and the life you desire….so why not start NOW!  

I made this meditation series because whenI first started meditating I was terrified to be alone with my thoughts. I would meditate for 2-3 minute and end up sobbing. I had no clue what I was doing. Now that I know and am trained to teach meditation I figured I should share that with you. Meditation does not have to be hard. It's so powerful and it can take less than 10 minutes. I want you to have these 5 powerful meditations to go to when you need them. 

It starts with gratitude then we shift into the miracle mindset. Because I know that life happens, I made you meditations for when fear shows up and when we need to forgive. Finally, you have a meditation to tap into JOY so that you can access that JOY each and everyday of your life. Because in 10 minutes, you can slow down, tune in and meditate so that you can shift into the life of JOY that you desire….it starts with making one decision to say YES to your Joy, your desires and your dreams!  

What do I get with this meditation series, Katie?  

5 meditations that you download and can listen to forever and to step into JOY daily

  •  Gratitude Meditation 
  •  Shifting into Miracles Meditation 
  •  Meditation to Move Past Fear and Choose Joy
  •  Self Forgiveness to Create More Love Meditation
  •  Step into Joy Meditation

A total of 5 transformational trainings meditations at your finger tips

Hell yes….take action! Tune in, meditate and step into JOY each and everyday because that is exactly how you can create a life Fueled by Joy!

Your Coach

Dr. Katie Henry PT, DPT, The Queen of JOY! Mindset&Business Coach

Hi, I’m Dr. Katie Henry. I’m a transformational coach, doctor physical therapy, author, speaker, spiritual teacher (graduate of Gabby Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Level 1 & 2 Masterclass), Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Assertiveness coach, Desire Map Facilitator, yoga and Reiki teacher and EFT Practitioner (yes I am a giant nerd and love to learn). Through my own personal struggles, I learned we can't help or heal others until we help ourselves!  

It is time for heart-centered people of service who give generously from their heart because that is who we are to STOP struggling, only surviving and doing everything for everyone's time to THRIVE, FEEL, TRUST, know that you do NOT have to do it all so that you can live your JOY!

I teach you how to cultivate the joy in all areas of your life. This child-like state of joy, fearlessness, creativity and curiosity is your natural state. We work together so that you can experience more JOY in all areas of your life: mind, body and spirit. It’s not easy but it doesn't have to be complicated. You have the answers within you. It’s my job to bring them out. We work together to shift your mindset, ignite your desires, heal your relationship with your body, and nourish your soul so that you can thrive and live in your joy everyday. I’ll give you a big hug but kick your ass when you need it. Through simple and consistent daily practices, you make radical shifts to transform your life towards health and joy each day. Can't wait to connect and witness your transformation! 

How will you live fueled by joy? 

With Gratitude and Joy, Dr. Katie Henry 


"I just did that one of your meditations, Katie, and I am amazed. I had no idea meditation could feel like that. I've always had a hard time with meditation, but you made it so simple. It was truly something else. I had a big great smile the whole time, feeling the love, connection and just feeling amazing. Thank you."

- Tove H, United Kingdom

"Katie, I just love your meditations. I could listen to your voice on repeat and it really helps calm my anxiety, worry and stress. The synchronicity and timings of whenI listen to your meditations and what s going on in my life could not be more fitting. It seems like every meditation of yours I listen to is EXACTLY what I need and want to hear in that moment. Thank you for sharing your gift. I'm forever grateful." - Megan, St. Paul, MN 

"Katie is one of the most genuine, knowledgeable and inspiring women I've had the pleasure of meeting. Her positivity and energy is contagious and she has so much to offer. I've learned a lot from her in regards to mindset, health, my body, transforming my life, my desires and my passion to help and impact others through my work. Katie has an abundance of resources and provides several opportunities to try new things, better yourself and just feel good. Everything she does is full of passion, knowledge and motivation. She is so real, raw and genuine with everything she does and she has inspired me to be the same way in my life and I am proud so say that I am really taking action. I look forward to her growth and to witness the impact she is making in everyone’s lives she touches. She is a true healer and gives generously and is about service, empowerment and impact. I am grateful for her service and love." -Natalia, Chicago, IL