What do you desire and how can you transform?

  • Are you a dreamer and you want to achieve greatness? 
  • Do you desire JOY, abundance, ease and flow?
  • Do you have big dreams, giant goals, massive aspirations and desires but you have no clue how to achieve them? 
  • Do you choose and decide to do the more practical thing because you feel like your dreams might be too big or are unattainable?
  • Are you ready to make a transformation but haven't started because you're terrified...maybe even paralyzed with fear


It’s time to transform your thoughts and shift into an abundance mindset and choose JOY each and everyday. You can create the life you desire. I know what you might be thinking. Ok Katie, that sounds great but come on I live in the real world and sometimes things are going to be hard and I can’t dream big because well life……..Actually NO that is NOT true because you are listening to FEAR (false evidence appearing real) and you can choose to live a life that is fueled by JOY. You can create a life that lights you up, sings to you soul, ignites that fire within you and is the life of your wildest dreams. Sometimes you need help and support getting there because I know I am making it sound easy but I get it it’s not always easy to get started. 

That’s why I have created a powerful 11 day audio and meditation training for you called Transform your Thoughts and Choose Joy. 

Guess what the more you say YES and the more you decide the more often you will be living the live you dream for and the life you desire….so why not start NOW! 

I made this whole training very practical, action oriented and to be something that will take 10-15 minutes for you to do. Why? Because in 10-15 minutes, you can transform your thoughts and start to shift into that dream life that you deeply desire….it starts with making one decision to say YES to your Joy, your desires and your dreams! 

What do I get with this training Katie? 

7 day audio training with journal prompts on ways to step into JOY each day of your life

  •  Dream Big 
  • Get Grounded in Gratitude
  •  Get Aligned and Focus on Joy
  •  Be of Service 
  • Surrender and Have a Faith 
  • DECIDE to Choose Joy 
  • Step into a Life Fueled by Joy 

4 meditations to Choose Joy 

  • Gratitude meditation
  • Expand into your Desires Meditation 
  • Forgiveness Meditation  
  • Choose JOY Meditation 

A total of 11 days of transformational trainings to get you to step into your JOY each and every day 

Hell yes….take action! Transform your thoughts and CHOOSE JOY each and everyday because that is exactly how you can create a life Fueled by Joy!

Your Coach

Dr. Katie Henry PT, DPT, CYT, HHC Transformational Coach & Healer

Hi, I’m Dr. Katie Henry. I’m a transformational coach doctor physical therapy, author, speaker, spiritual teacher (graduate of Gabby Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Level 1 & 2 Masterclass), Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Assertiveness coach, Desire Map Facilitator, yoga and Reiki teacher and EFT Practitioner (yes I am a giant nerd and love to learn). Through my own personal struggles, I learned we can't help or heal others until we help ourselves!  

It is time for heart-centered people of service who give generously from their heart because that is who we are to STOP struggling, only surviving and doing everything for everyone else...it's time to THRIVE, FEEL, TRUST, know that you do NOT have to do it all so that you can live your JOY!

I teach you how to cultivate the joy in all areas of your life. This child-like state of joy, fearlessness, creativity and curiosity is your natural state. We work together so that you can experience more JOY in all areas of your life: mind, body and spirit. It’s not easy but it doesn't have to be complicated. You have the answers within you. It’s my job to bring them out. We work together to shift your mindset, ignite your desires, heal your relationship with your body, and nourish your soul so that you can thrive and live in your joy everyday. I’ll give you a big hug but kick your ass when you need it. Through simple and consistent daily practices, you make radical shifts to transform your life towards health and joy each day. Can't wait to connect and witness your transformation! 

How will you Fuel your Joy today? 

With Gratitude and Joy, Dr. Katie Henry 


"I've watched pretty much everything Dr. Katie Henry created and this is one of her most powerful trainings she's done. I love how real and authentic she always is. Thank you for caring Katie and thank you for making these "complex" and "confusing" topics SO simple and something I can actally implement in my life."

- Kim B, Canada

"Katie is one of the most genuine, knowledgeable and inspiring women I've had the pleasure of meeting. Her positivity and energy is contagious and she has so much to offer. I've learned a lot from her in regards to mindset, health, my body, transforming my life, my desires and my passion to help and impact others through my work. Katie has an abundance of resources and provides several opportunities to try new things, better yourself and just feel good. Everything she does is full of passion, knowledge and motivation. She is so real, raw and genuine with everything she does and she has inspired me to be the same way in my life and I am proud so say that I am really taking action. I look forward to her growth and to witness the impact she is making in everyone’s lives she touches. She is a true healer and gives generously and is about service, empowerment and impact. I am grateful for her service and love." -Natalia, Chicago, IL 

Dr. Katie Henry has been a wonderful addition to my life. She has opened my world to tools, ideas, and other professionals...all of which helps me find the blocks, and clear the path to joy! She puts her heart and soul into helping other people. I have added what I have learned from Katie to my daily life, and have begun a new path...to happiness and joy!! -Sandi, New York